Thank you for your support! - Tony for Denver

Thank you for your support!

I’m very moved by all the notes of love and support, and unfortunately also very moved by yet another school tragedy — motivation to continue working for our community to make change; as I’ve said on the campaign trail, my life will always be about bringing people together and getting things done.

We entered the campaign accepting the challenge of running against an incumbent and never wavered from what first inspired me to run for office — and that’s for all to feel represented and have a connection to local government. I am proud of the incredible campaign we ran and the issues we brought forth to make our neighborhoods a better place, supported by 2,800+ voters in a very robust field of talented candidates and in the most active voting district in Denver.

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Thank you to my husband, our campaign team and all our volunteers and neighbors for your support. I look forward to continuing my work in putting neighbors first.

Onward and upward!

Tony Smith