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Get to know Tony: what he’s passionate about both professionally and personally, and what his plans are for District 10.

Connect, Engage, Serve

I PUT NEIGHBORS FIRST, and I BUILD COALITIONS. I have spent 18 years as a community champion for city commissions, boards of directors and the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. I know the art of bringing people together and getting things done to be proactive with Denver’s growth.

I will represent ALL of Denver’s diversity, because we all need to FEEL REPRESENTED and HAVE A CONNECTION to local government.

We are at crossroads in Denver and need a proven collaborator and coalition builder to bring a long-term approach to our growth challenges. Together, we can:

  • Tackle the affordable housing crisis in Denver and find creative solutions to keep hardworking people in their homes.
  • Prioritize neighborhood challenges of transportation, preserving the character of our neighhorhoods, wellness and public safety.
  • Connect our community to local government and make our district a model for civic engagement in Colorado and across the country.


I have had the honor of being appointed by both Governors Ritter and Hickenlooper, as well as by Mayor Hancock, to various commissions that help citizens engage in self-care and culture.

Past appointments include the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, and the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs. I am currently appointed to the Denver Commission on Aging, and the Denver Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

These relationships have enabled the citizens of Denver to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

My plan is to make District 10 a model for civic engagement not just for Denver, but the whole country. I will continue working to provide broad access to new and innovative health and wellness experiences.

Denver Parks and Rec: I am especially excited about the passing of 2A, meaning $46 million to be spent improving and maintaining current parks and working to ensure that every resident has a park within a 10 minute walk.

Caring 4 DenverMental Health Funding: I’m proud that Coloradoans just passed this initiative, increasing sales tax for about $45 million annually to complement the city’s existing mental-health and substance-abuse treatment options and fund suicide prevention programs.

Aging: Top four issues: Safe and reliable transportation, Food, Suitable Housing and Ageism. I am proud to currently serve on the Denver Commission on Aging, where our purpose is simply to advocate and empower Denver’s older adult community to live their best lives. I highly recommend learning about Changing the Narrative and following the social media hashtag #disruptaging started by AARP.

Self-care is of the utmost importance to me, as we must take care of ourselves to care for those around us. I will lead by example and bring the energy and passion needed proactively serve our residents, and  assertively address Denver’s growth challenges and all of the civic planning and changes our city is currently experiencing.


Neighborhood Preservation

I’ve been a Denver resident for 18 years and have lived in the Congress Park Neighborhood for 15 of those years. In that time, I’ve seen tremendous growth in my neighborhood and many around it.

Preserving the diverse and unique neighborhoods that make our city unique is of the utmost importance to me. I want to enable and encourage neighborhoods to discuss the options, benefits and implications of conservation overlays and landmark historic districts. Another way to preserve neighborhood character while building more homes and businesses is adaptive reuse.

I will give a voice to residents, connecting individuals and neighborhood organizations with city-wide agencies so they may work together toward smart, responsible growth.

Read my HISTORIC DENVER candidate questionnaire here.

GREAT CITIES are built one neighbor, one neighborhood at a time – the more we know each other, the less we fear. I will elevate ways neighbors can grow closer, including the “Denver Days” program. I encourage all to learn about the Denveright Comprehensive 2040 plan. 

Elevate Denver Bond Program: New bike lanes, pedestrian enhancements and transit options are rolling out across the city, as are the first set of neighborhood repairs and improvements funded by this program.

Affordable Housing

Denver is experiencing tremendous growth. By 2040, our population is projected to be 894,000 – a 20% increase from today. We are at crossroads in Denver and need a proven collaborator and coalition builder to bring a long-term approach to our growth challenges.

Growth is great—but it comes with financial and logistical challenges. We must do everything we can to ensure every Denver resident has a roof over his or her head, and guarantee that those who already rent or own their homes are able to stay in them. I support state-level efforts for addressing renter’s rights and what support can be provided at the municipal level.

I support the strategic use of land to support new housing initiatives, the reformation of outdated zoning codes, the recent increase in local marijuana tax (from 3.5 to 5.5 percent) to support housing projects, non-traditional and group housing proposals, and the Affordable Housing Fund, which will generate more than $150 million in funds over the next decade.

Just a few programs are listed below to help connect and engage residents:

The City of Denver’s “Housing an Inclusive Denver Program – home sharing for our older communities. A program that uses a thoughtful matching process to promote safety and compatibility while supporting a mutually beneficial relationship between the Home Provider and the Home Seeker. – Lower Income Voucher Equity program creates immediate affordable housing options by connecting vacant rental units with working families and individuals.

Vulnerable Populations

Mahatma Ghandi once said, “The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members.” This is a favorite quote of mine.

I will always be an advocate for Denver’s most vulnerable citizens.

We must fight for policies that effectively address mental illness, drug use, and homelessness as matters of public health. We are at crossroads in Denver and need a proven collaborator and coalition builder to bring a long-term approach to our growth challenges.

I strongly support increased investment in social support services. Together, we can make Denver a more compassionate and inclusive city.

Initiative 300: I am not in favor of this initiative. We need to ensure homeless shelters have the resources they need to meet the needs of our homeless population. We also need to expand and connect programs that work on finding people permanent homes rather than  temporary sleeping quarters. A major factor in getting to that point is by providing increased mental health care to homeless persons. Many people who are on the street are unable to work towards a personal housing solution due to mental illness. Many homeless  non-profit advocates also do not support Initiative 300; I recommend this press release from Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Caring 4 Denver: Caring for the mental illness and addiction concerns for all people is very important to me, and I’m excited that Caring 4 Denver passed and will provide $45 million per year for these challenges.

More incredible agencies to connect and engage: Denver Housing Authority, Denver Rescue Mission, Denver’s Road Home, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Living Well Showers, and One Warm Blanket. Also, I’m excited for the Colfax Ave BID’s, “Colfax Works” program and for their recent  $25,000 grant from the Denver Foundation to provide employment and supportive services for those experiencing or emerging from homelessness while also providing enhanced maintenance services to the district.

While working to support our existing agencies and fighting for more funding, I encourage all to personally engage and help our homeless in any way possible. I found these suggestions from Christ in the City very helpful and something we can all do:


Supporting the Arts

For 18 years, I’ve worked to bring families, neighbors, and businesses together at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

I love that festivals and events  bring neighbors together to appreciate and provide access to art, all while having invaluable cultural and economic impact for the city.

I’m grateful for my six years of service to the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs, which was established in 1991 to support the Mayor and serve as four major roles for Denver Arts & Venues: oversee the 1% for public art program, serve as trustees of Denver’s cultural plan, IMAGINE 2020, advise on arts and cultural issues, and act as ambassadors to the community.

My life’s work is built on forging and nurturing relationships, and I will work to connect, engage, and serve our district like never before. I strongly believe that cities should enable all of us to live our very best lives.

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